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Industrial logisticsStorage capacity


TGO proposes tailored logistics solutions suited to clients’ specific needs and various types of products.

The TGO logistics department proposes, besides flow management of goods, a range of services such as warehousing, storage management, and preparation of orders. Such services are performed by an experienced team committed to quality and deadline compliance.TGO has the internal human and material resources, as well as in-door and out-door storage areas on its secured premises to ensure full logistics services.

Industrial logistics

After studying and analyzing your needs, we design specific logistic routes, which include storage and distribution.

  • Multi-site solutions
  • Storage management
  • Conditioning
  • Preparation of orders
  • High added-value services (product quantity and quality inspection, labelling, kitting, pick & pack, active improvement, etc.)
  • Distribution centers (delivery to end clients)

Our means

  • A team dedicated to flow management,
  • Dedicated IT tools (WMS, etc.)
  • Warehouses with racks
  • Forklifts
  • Special trailers

Storage capacity

Our quay-side warehouses are strategically located within the Montoir de Bretagne – Saint Nazaire harbor. They are suited to the constrains of the various products, for better flexibility and reactivity.

In-door storage

For dry goods: 8 300 m 2 of roofed surfaces

  • TGO 1 : 3 800 M2
  • TGO 2 : 2 700 M2
  • TGO 3 : 1 800 M2

For negative and positive temperature goods : 200 m 2 of cool chambers

Out-door storage

  • TGO 1: 2 500 M2
  • TGO 2: 5 000 M2
  • TGO 3: 2 500 M2
  • Zone 1 : 10 000 M2
  • P – 1 : 15 000 M2

22 000 M2 dedicated to industrial and harbor logistics

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