Terminal du Grand Ouest

The company TGO (Terminal du Grand Ouest) is affiliated to Terminal Link (50%) and Maritime Kuhn France (50%). TGO was created in June 2011, when it was granted the concession and became the single operator of the General Cargo and Containers Terminal (TMDC). The concession covers 58 hectares and is valid for 35 years. TGO is located in Montoir de Bretagne, in the Port of Nantes Saint Nazaire, France.

TGO’s experience in heavy-weight cargo also provides us regular clients on the docks of Saint Nazaire.

TGO manages all the calls of container vessels in the Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, which represented 155,000 TEUs in 2023. TGO is also in charge of stevedoring general cargo vessels calling at the Port of Montoir-de-Bretagne or Saint-Nazaire. This activity represented a total of 320,000 tons of general cargo in 2023.

Our services on these sites are:

  • Stevedoring of containers/general cargo
  • Logistics
  • Ship agency

Key figures

  • 58 hectares
  • 3 gantry cranes
  • 2 cranes
  • 4 berths
  • 1 RO/RO ramp
  • 8 300 m2 of warehouses
  • 950m of quay length
  • 350 m extension of the quay
  • 12.6m quay draught
  • 350 reefer plugs

TGO staff :

  • 150 persons (TGO/Stevedores/Crane Operators)

Traffic in 2023 :

  • 155,000 TEUs
  • 320,000 tons (general cargo and bulk)