EasyGate is a digital collaborative platform that offers added-value services to clients and users of container terminals (e.g.: road shippers).

So as to daily improve the quality of your services, EasyGate helps you share with your clients and partners real-time information, using the latest IT tools.


  • Smoothing flows on container terminals and hosting additional flows without resizing operative teams
  • Directing operative teams towards tasks that have higher added value (quality controls, etc.…)
  • Sizing human and material resources according to the activity flow
  • Increasing attractiveness of container terminals in regards to other terminals
  • Reducing operators’ response time (date recording…)
  • Automating low added-values tasks.
  • Visualizing traffic in real-time with the webcam (To know more…, newsletter).
  • Booking your container weighing through a SOLAS container weighing booking module that will automatically send weighing tickets in the pdf format (To know more…, newsletter). Download the SOLAS convention


EasyGate is regularly enhanced by developing and adding of innovating functionalities.

  • Creation of a container road flow scheduling system
  • Automatization of authentications and entries on the terminal
  • Automatization of damage recording when unloading the container vessel
  • Creation of an OCR reading access control system
  • KPI shared in real time
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