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Sea linesContainersGeneral cargo and heavy loads


Located in the harbor of Montoir de Bretagne – Saint Nazaire and specialized in stevedoring, TGO proposes to importers and exporters from the West of France all the services and advantages of a proximity sea terminal.

TGO offers direct and feedering connections to all ports of trade on the 5 continents. The three largest alliances in container sea shipping call in our terminal (2 M, The Ocean Alliance, The Alliance).Our skilled teams, available warehousing surfaces and adapted tools also contribute to making TGO a reference partner in industrial projects (Oil & Gas, RME, Civil Engineering…).

TGO’s service and development policy was drawn up in a permanent concern to propose tailored services to clients. Thus, TGO also proposes solutions for exporting scrap metal towards any destination.

Sea lines

+600 harbors all over the world, with 6 weekly calls in TGO, in the Montoir-de- Bretagne – Saint-Nazaire harbor.

LinesStopsFrequencyRotationFleetShipping CompanyDetails
NEFWI (North Europe French West Indies)Montoir de Bretagne > Pointe à Pître > Fort de France > Pointe à Pître > Dunkerque > Anvers > Le HavreWeekly28 days4CMA CGM / MAERSK LINE / MARFRET
EURAF 1 (North Europe - West Africa)Montoir de Bretagne > Tanger Med > Algeciras > Dakar > Abidjan > Dakar > Algeciras >Tanger Med > Dunkerque > Tilbury > Anvers > Vlissingen > Dunkerque > Le HavreWeekly42 days6CMA CGM / NileDutch
ATLFEED (French Atlantic Coast)Montoir de Bretagne > Le Havre > La Rochelle > BassensWeekly7 days1CMA CGM / MARFRET
Feeder Morocco Spain and PortugalMontoir de Bretagne > Casablanca > Cadiz > Valence > Cadiz > Sines > Leixoes > Vigo > Montoir de Bretagne > Le Havre > AnversWeekly21 days4MSC / DAL
West France Service N17Montoir de Bretagne > Brest > Rotterdam > DunkerqueWeekly8 days1MAERS LINE / SEAGO / MacAndrews / UASC / CMA CGM


Our teams provide the required experience and resources for efficient and safe stevedoring.

Our services:

Container stevedoring

Highly productive with an average rate of 26 containers per hour and per crane, TGO ensures to our ship-owner clients timely stevedoring thanks to specialized and efficient manpower, along with reliable and performant equipment: 4 gantry cranes, 10 reach stackers, 15 tug masters


A 28 hectares area dedicated to container traffic.

Container loading/unloading:

Any type of containers:

  • 20’, 40’, 45′
  • Dry, high-cube, open-top, flat, reefers

Any type of goods :

  • Rolling equipment, cars, etc.
  • Special-size (catamaran, sailing ships…) or heavy-weight cargo (transformers, engines…)
  • Pallets, boxes, bundles…
  • Controlled-temperature containers

Any type of conditioning :

  • Pallets, boxes (all categories including cardboard), foiling, slim sheet, etc.
  • Loading completion
  • Digitalized stock management
  • Stowing/Lashing

TGO’s infrastructures and equipment enable you to ship your goods by any king of existing routes (road, sea, and rail).

General cargo and heavy loads

General cargo

TGO stevedores all types of vessel and general cargo, including packages, boxes, steel bundles, etc.

Heavy-weight cargo

TGO stevedores heavy-weight cargo on the following sites:

  • Saint Nazaire, « quai des Charbonniers », with the 400 tons big crane.
  • On its own facility in Montoir de Bretagne, with its own lifting equipment and/or with the help of mobile cranes up to 1000 tons if needed.

The ship-owner Rickmers calls once per month at TGO. It proposes shipping solutions for general and heavy-weight cargo up to 640 tons. Rickmers operates the Around the World line and deploys a float of 9 vessels on a regular line to the United-States, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.


TGO is specialized in unloading inland windmills on the Nantes Saint Nazaire harbor (Repower, Vestas, Gamesa, Enercon, Siemens, GE, etc.). TGO proposes large storage areas on wharfs and platforms. It uses appropriate lifting equipment in terms of size and weight, to facilitate stevedoring, shipment and lifting of windmills.

Lowering and/or lifting of ships

TGO regularly lowers or lifts launches, catamarans, trawlers and other watercrafts in the Nantes Saint Nazaire harbor. The company has its own lifting equipment, operated by its specialized teams in the various docks.

Scrap metal

In 2017, TGO, together with GDE, a well-known loader specialized in the exportation of scrap metal stevedored 305 000 tons of scrap metal. TGO proposes to clients an integrated bulk scrap metal logistics solution, based on appropriate means :

  • A 7 500 m2 dedicated storage area by the quayside
  • Dedicated equipment: 2 loaders on foam tires, 3 inland cranes with 5 m 3 , 8 m 3 and 17 m 3 grappling hooks
  • Loading rates that guarantee to ship-owners reduced call time.

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